Logo Brief

Great logo and branding design is a powerful tool for businesses and organisations. It creates that vital first impression and sets you apart from your competitors.

Logo Design Process

Questionnaire & Brief

In order for me to gain a full understanding of your requirements we require you to complete our online logo design questionnaire shown on right hand side. It is quite detailed, however the more information and thought you put into it, the better the end result will be in terms of the design solution. The reason we don’t ask these questions face-to-face is that from experience, clients spend more time thinking about their answers and writing detailed responses when they can do it in their own time. It also means, things aren’t forgotten by the client that could be overlooked in a face-to-face meeting.

Concept Ideas / Mockups

Once the questionnaire is returned, we will breakdown the information and produce a series of mockup logos to choose from.

A solid design brief is essential in ensuring a solid design outcome.

Get Your Project Started


Submit Your Brief

First stage of your project journey is submitting an online brief which will give us a better idea what you are looking us to achieve. 


We Issue A Quote

Once your brief has been submitted we will contact you within 48 hours with a competitive quote. We also can arrange a call to chat you through this quote. 


Let's Start Your Project!

Now you have submitted your brief and accepted our quote! We will now proceed with creating your fantastic project.