What will my website cost ?

This is probably the most frequent question we are asked, but unfortunately there is no simple answer. To give you an idea of price, we would need to know what you want to do online. Do you need to sell articles through an online store? Do you need a Content Management System (CMS), so you can manage your own site?? These are just some of the many questions we would ask during a first briefing session.

How will we be charged for Hosting / Domain registration.

All hosting accounts are charged on a month-to-month basis via our online GoCardless payment option. Domain registration is charged on a monthly basis. The web hosting & domain package will depend on the website type and amount of space you require. In some cases you may choose to register your domain for several years at a time. Any invoicing issues can be resolved by sending an email to info@gkwebsites.co.uk

Do we need a Content Managed System (CMS) ?

CMS may be a good way of keeping your website updated and is now becoming the norm within the web design world. We build all our website on CMS for ease of use and also gives the client a chance to update their own websites on a regular basis.

Do you need a meeting before we go to work ?

Not necessarily, no. We understand you may be too busy to meet with us in person, and as such are quite used to communicating initially via email, videoconference or telephone. Though a physical meeting is not 100% necessary, there are a number of questions and considerations we typically like to address before starting work on any project we undertake.

We want to sell online ?

No problem, we are well practised in setting up and maintaining e-commerce systems, whether you simply require an off-the-shelf open source solution or have a more complex project in mind. E-commerce is a rapidly growing part of the online landscape, and we are committed to offering effective and economic solutions to all our customers. E-commerce no longer has the complex, costly implications it used to. Get in touch to find out more about how you can start to sell online.


Custom email accounts ?

Within our provided web package we can set up various email accounts for our clients. We use a webmail service and can link any account to your mobile device or Microsoft outlook account upon request.

Whats the time scale for new websites ?

Time scale will really depend on the complexity of the website. For example a simple 5-8 page website will be much quicker to create than an ecommerce website with many products. To speed up the process please come to us with a clear idea and all your content ready.

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Custom Email Setup On Mobile

Please click here for a tutorial on how to setup email on your mobile phone.